Amazon S3 Multipart Uploader for your App

What is S3Uploader?

S3Uploader allows you to create a multipart uploader for use in your web app or site. Simply sign up to one of our low cost payment plans, and you can start using your uploader straight away.

Upload to any Amazon S3 bucket, accept any file size, customise file types, maximum file size, set Amazon header settings and more.

HTTPS SupportS3Uploader now supports operation under the HTTPS secure protocol, handy if your app is transmitting sensitive data to Amazon S3.
Find out how to enable https for your uploader

My clients have been using the S3Uploader to upload some very large files of late (they managed 120GB recently) - which is impressive in its own right!
David Carry

100% Web Based

Works with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Files are uploaded directly to your Amazon S3 bucket from the clients web browser so zero strain is put on your web server.

Uploads from iOS6

Works on the latest version of mobile safari installed on iOS6 for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Have your customers upload content directly to your Amazon S3 bucket from your app with a plug-n-play solution, will save you hours developing your own file upload utility.

Resume Support

If an upload fails due to a network failure uploads can be resumed, simply select the same file and click the Resume button. We also show the percentage that your upload got to before it failed so you can see how much there is left to upload.

Large File Uploads

Amazon S3 impose a limit on individual uploads to 5GB, S3Uploader utilises Amazon S3's multipart upload feature which will allow you to upload files up-to their maximum file size of 5TB*

Upload Notification

All uploads are notified back to the parent page via a javascript window post and optionally uploads can be notified back to a listener script on your server via simple GET variables so you can take an appropriate course of action after a successful upload.

Aborted Upload Management

All abandoned uploads are automatically aborted after 14 days and in addition to that we provide you a management section in your account where you can list all multipart uploads in progress and abort by a timeframe.

Easy Implementation

Configure an uploader to your requirements, and paste some simple javascript. In order to use the service, simply copy and paste a CORS and bucket policy file into your bucket preferences, and enter your AWS canonical id into your account settings.

Direct Support

Get direct email support straight from the S3Uploader developers. Questions, issue, suggestions, we're just an email away. We know what we're talking about!

* Whilst it is theoretically possible to upload a file of 5TB using S3Uploader, files this large haven't been tested by us.

Subscribe Now!

We are no longer accepting new subscribers, S3Uploader will be converted into an installable script you can host on your own server. We are planning to release this in 2016, follow @dgsdotcom to be notified when it goes live.

Demo Multipart Uploader

This demo accepts the following uploads:

  • 100MB max file size
  • Allowed extensions:- .jpg, .gif, .png, .avi, .mp4, .wmv
Note:- Files below 5MB are uploaded as single files. Multipart upload only kicks in for files above 5MB.

Customer Showcase

With more and more of the films Hot Docs exhibits being delivered digitally, we are exploring options for collecting screeners and exhibition films electronically. S3Uploader has been so effortless that it will definitely be in the conversation going forward. Michael Bodalski - Hot Docs Web & Online Manager -